Know Your Threat
Let's be honest. Your network and intellectual property are not being attacked by a piece of software; they are being attacked by a living, breathing adversary.
FusionX is a Sophisticated Adversary
Your attacker could range from an online activist hell-bent on damaging your company brand to a highly resourced state sponsored attacker. You need an elite and experienced team that can unmask, analyze, and replicate your most likely adversaries and expert advice and support enabling you to better protect against them.

Our best in class technical assessment teams will target your information assets using the highly tailored tactics, techniques and procedures (TTP’s) of your most likely attackers – resulting in an assessment which will provide a true evaluation of the resiliency of your enterprise to a real-world attack. FusionX prides itself on a strong culture of bleeding-edge security research and on consistently identifying vulnerabilities that our competitors fail to identify.

FusionX frequently identifies new, zero-day vulnerabilities in third party and in-house software, allowing our clients to implement the best possible security posture in managing the complex and dynamic risks to their technology infrastructures.

Our clients engage us to model and replicate sophisticated adversary attacks, manage and respond to critical incidents, and improve their overall cyber risk management program.
Our Team

FusionX was founded to address a critical market demand for objective and integrated risk management services and products. The FusionX team has been working together for over 15 years to provide the highest quality technical, intelligence, and security consulting services to international corporations and governments. We’ve worked in every critical infrastructure sector and for the top commercial and government customers in the world. From start-ups to Fortune 10 companies and from small regional government entities to foreign head’s of state, our team has the requisite experience to help you engage in contextual threat management across your enterprise.

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Our services
FusionX has developed a unique approach to providing holistic security solutions in complex environments to counter the most advanced and persistent cybersecurity threats.

wRisk Management

We'll help you implement best-practices and implement a cyber risk management program oriented towards current and emerging threats.

`Penetration Testing

Our specialized assessment services replicate the tactics, techniques and procedures of sophisticated attackers to identify vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.

\Incident Response

Our process is oriented towards incident management and long-term mitigation strategies to better protect your assets from future attack.


Contextual threat intelligence to drive your risk management investments and identify potential attackers and attribute attacks underway.

Be Strategic

Having a sound cyber risk management approach is an essential component in demonstrating due diligence and reducing potential liability for executives and directors. FusionX works with our customers to develop effective risk management strategies that focus on current and emerging threats while maintaining efficient business operations. Our team can assess your current cyber risk management approach in the context of your unique risk-profile, industry standards, regulatory requirements and emerging best-practices. Our experienced team of executive consultants will work with your management and security teams to align your risk management practices and procedures with organizational goals and expectations, resulting in comprehensive risk management program, nuanced to your unique business environment.

Be Tactical

The FusionX team has a twenty year legacy in providing tactical vulnerability assessment and surgical penetration testing services against a wide variety of organizations and targets. Our methodology focuses not on automated tools, but on the unique talent and experience of our elite assessment team. Having performed assessments against millions of targets as varied as aircraft carriers, commercial airliners, the private residences of high net-worth individuals & celebrities, and multi-state electric grids our team possesses the experience necessary to simulate an attack against your IT enabled assets regardless of industry. FusionX penetration testing activities are surgical in their simulation of the way in which a real world attacker would target your organizations crown jewels. Our vulnerability assessments provide a comprehensive view of technical vulnerabilities which exist within your enterprise, providing expert guidance on remediation and in depth analysis of observed root causes and trends. Let us open your eyes and show you what your automated scanning tools and lesser experienced consultants are missing and introduce new perspective into your vulnerability identification processes.

Be Ready

Our incident response services take advantage of our unique perspective as network attackers to identify efficient strategies and tactics to respond to even the most sophisticated threats. This perspective provides us with the tools necessary to understand and predict the current and future movements of the adversary; allowing us to quickly see through the fog of war, often created at a time of crisis. Coupled with our proprietary tool set and investigative methodology; FusionX is able to detect, analyze and respond to sophisticated attacks in a manner which will provide a high degree of confidence in your organizations understanding of what occurred, the adversary behind the attack, the current state of affairs and in providing a clear path forward. FusionX works closely with its customers to mitigate the threat and implement long-term strategies to prevent future compromise; including tactical assessments of impacted infrastructures. FusionX may further leverage its tools and unique methodology to engage in attribution operations for customers seeking to understand further details surrounding who is targeting them or those wishing to engage in prosecutorial activities.

Be Successful

FusionX has developed tailored services to address the often unique requirements of high net worth and high profile individuals and families (including family offices), allowing them to continue to be successful knowing that cyber risk to their brand, assets and family is being well managed. Our clients range from multi-national billionaires to Heads of State and all share a common concern for the emerging threat of cyber-criminals and other resourceful attackers operating in cyberspace.Services include:

  • Individual and family threat assessments
  • On-site risk assessment
  • Operational cyber security training and awareness classes Ongoing threat intelligence and risk monitoring

FusionCARE has been developed to provide clients with persistent risk management support through the delivery of a tailored services package, designed to both address cyclical security requirements, such as annual technical assessments; and to provide your organization with on-demand access to our cadre of trusted expert advisors to address ongoing or unanticipated security challenges that may arise throughout the year. FusionCare allows customers to plan and budget for security support on an annualized subscription basis by combining pro-active assessments, incident response and other on- demand security support into an annual service plan. Each FusionCARE subscription is tailored to a customer’s unique requirements but can include:

  • Annual enterprise vulnerability assessments
  • Tactical penetration testing activities
  • On-demand application (including mobile) security assessments
  • Recurring external vulnerability assessment scans
  • Spearphishing and other employee awareness exercises
  • On-demand incident response and threat analysis support
  • Infrastructure security design support
  • Annual risk management program reviews
  • On-demand access to subject matter experts
  • Annual security awareness training programs
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Our team is based in the United States and the United Kingdom, but supports a global clientele on multiple continents.
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